Technical Description

1. Property surface - Covered surface.

The propertys surface is 7092 s.m. and the space covered by the mill is 28,73 s.m.

2. Orientation - Description.

The mill is situated on the highest point of the property. Part of it is a section of the settlement of Anitsaiou and covers the prominence-bute that dominates the proximal but also greater area. The mill rests on a rounded volume which has a stone-build wall at the perimeter. The external diameter is about 13m. and covers a surface area of 132,65s.m. including the mill.

The orientation of the view, which offers a complete virgin land with the sea in the backround, is north-east, and it is on this orientation that the configuration of the mills base, the 2 levels (ground floor and floor) of the mill and the external addition as a house have been developed.It is proposed that the main chamber, which is situated at the ground floor is to be transformed into a bedroom, whereas the floor level will have a lounge with an open bathroom including a jacuzzi. As for the new basement level it will operate as a connection hub with the extensions and at the same time a small lounge.

The mills base has been designed to provide 3 autonomous bedrooms with a bathroom each and a storage room, with a total surface area of 100,00 s.m..The external extension will be provided with a living-room and a dinning room in one space, a fully equiped kitchen which will also serve the external area, a bedroom with a bathroom and a dressingroom included. The surface of this extension is 95,00s.m..A basin with a volume of 55c.m. will be provided under the mills external extension to collect pluvial water.The surrounding area is with respect to the landscape (370 s.m. of which 60 s.m. are covered), includes a swimming pool (5,60x11,00m) with a wc and all the necessary functional spaces.The built surfaces are 250 s.m. with the possibility to built up to 648 s.m (limit of built surfaces for the property).

3. Actual situation of the mill.

The mill was build with stones with an average thickness at 1,20m. The stonework, coated inside out, has punctual breaches. The calked stone stairways have collapsed. The openings of the entrance and the mills mandrel are in good condition. There is no internal floor for the ground and floor levels. The mills base which was filled with stones in the gap created between the mill and the perimetrical wall, completed the mills function.

4. Rehabilitation, stoneworks, concretes, coatings.

After the reparations, which will include taking down breached walls, etc., full revelation of the perimetrical wall coverage will permit an evaluation of the walls. This is necesary to be done, for the measures that need to be taken for the walls consistency. The wall joints will be cleaned with pressured water and then sealed up with cement plaster. An excavation of the mills ground floor will be done to reach the walls foundations. Then, a concrete wall will grout the stonewall and the ground and basement floor will be poored. The base will be unraveled to develop the spaces described in part 2. Part of the mills base will be re-constructed with stonewalls. The roofings, for the mill will be copper and for the flat surfaces with reinforced concrete. The swimming pool will be made out of concrete and covered inside.

For the surrounding area reinforced concrete will be used. The coverage will be black slates originated from Methana.

5. Building Management System NOEMON.

The house will be fully equipped with the NOEMON Building Management System. NOEMON constitutes a management system that connects and controls all building subsystems under central management (heating, air conditioning, ventilation, water supply, gas and electricity supply, lighting, plugs, irrigation, surveillance and protection systems, data networks, mobile and landline telephones, sound and image systems etc). NOEMON system manages the building's functions in a smart and economic manner, according to the user's will, and taking into account external and internal conditions.

NOEMON's advanced technology allows total, local, or distant building's functions control. This is possible through on wall switches, remote control, internal or external telephone lines, sms text messages, a PC, or through internet. The same time all usual simple everyday functions such as lighting, tents, shutters etc can still be controlled in the traditional manner of on wall switches.

In addition, all sorts of different commands can be grouped in "multi-commands" to achieve the buildings desired state in only one move (such "multi-command" could bring the building in the state of: sleep, alert, short or long leave, morning or evening function etc). These "multi-commands" are custom designed according to the users needs, and contribute significantly to the system's economy, easiness simplicity, effectiveness and security. If you wish you can find out more about NOEMON Building Management Systems and the possibilities available at